Policy decisions are made by a Branch Council. It meets once a year at the Mid-Winter Meeting to hear reports, debate and vote on resolutions.

Council includes over 100 members representing various levels of the Association. The Branch President is the Chair of Council.

The voting members of the Branch Council elect the Treasurer. On the advice of the Nominating Committee, it elects additional members of the Executive Committee and Standing Committees.

Council initiates and passes resolutions, rules and regulations. It approves the strategic and operational plans, the annual budget and membership fees, as recommended by the Executive Committee.

Council can call special meetings and receive reports from the Executive Committee, Sections and Conferences, standing and special committees, editorial boards, and task forces. It can also refer matters requiring inquiry and report to any Section.

Transcripts are maintained for each Council meeting.

If you are a member of Council, login below to access meeting materials and resources. (CBA login credentials  required)

Council Members

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