We’ve Gone Virtual!

Welcome readers to the new and improved electronic BarNotes! After vigorous discussion and debate, I am excited to announce that the editorial committee has decided to make the leap from print to online. What does this mean for CBA members? With quicker turnaround between articles written then posted online, BarNotes can now focus on timely issues and hot button topics without concern that by the time the article is published that it will be outdated. We aim to publish new articles on a bi-weekly schedule, although we do anticipate a few bumps in the road as we roll out our new online format. The online format facilitates current and meaningful content, as well as increased engagement with our readership. 

BarNotes wants you to get involved. If you read a headline in the news, experience something in your daily practice, or are hit with inspiration – write about it! If you have a topic idea or want to submit an article, simply email Monteen Dent or myself and we will provide our Style Guide which contains writing types and guidelines and answer any questions you may have. 

We look forward to how this change will impact our content and engagement with our new online community of BarNotes readers.