King's Counsel

The designation of King's Counsel is made by the Minister of Justice through a selection process that includes consultation with the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Courts.

Selection Process

The selection of CBA nominees for the King's Counsel designation is based on the following criteria.

As prerequisite qualifications:

  • Demonstrated superior legal ability;
  • Proof of good character and integrity;
  • No person shall be appointed who has not been entitled during ten years to practice in the superior courts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or of any province or Territory of Canada or for a portion of such period in one and for the remaining portion of such period in another or others of the said courts.
  • Member of the CBA

Further Qualifications

CBA Saskatchewan's Nominating Committee will also take into account:

  • Contributions as a legal professional to the community;
  • Contributions to the community generally; and
  • Contributions to the legal profession, with an emphasis on contribution to The Canadian Bar Association.

The Nominating Committee will also take into account considerations of gender, diversity and geography.


The annual deadline for submissions is OCTOBER 3.

Submission Form

Past Queen's Counsel Appointments Now Referred to as King's Counsel (Effective Sept 2022)