Notice of Section Merger


On April 21, 2023 the CBA Saskatchewan Board of Directors met to review the Branch Principles and to discuss the goals and strategies for the final year as outlined in our three-year strategic plan launched in September 2021. One of the strategies directly reflects the goal of sectons in our branch.

Member Services

CBASK delivers quality and relevant member services including sectons, professional development, and signature initatves.

As you are aware, the branch had to pivot to online secton meetngs with the pandemic which has been done successfully. The online secton meetngs have increased opportunites for partcipaton by members from across our province. Average atendance has doubled for secton meetngs and the ability to engage speakers from other areas has proved to be popular.

In addition to providing substantive law presentations, sections are valued for the opportunity to network and interact with colleagues.

Organizatonal Change

Based on the need for substantve law and networking opportunites, CBA Saskatchewan is proposing the following merger and changes:

  1. Sectons will no longer be identfied as North/South.
  2. Secton executve will represent the province.
  3. Real Property & Wills South, Real Property North, and Wills, Estate & Elder Law North, will be merged to create two separate sectons with a more specific focus.
    1. Real Property
    2. Wills, Estate & Elder Law
  4. Secton executve will consist of:
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. LLR Director
    4. Representatve (Regina/Saskatoon)
  5. Members of the Secton Executve will have representaton from both Saskatoon and Regina. Representaton can be in any role but there must be representaton and consultaton with all members of the executve.
  6. Substantve law topics will contnue to be presented in an online format available to all CBASK members.
  7. Sectons will be expected to deliver 4 one-hour substantve topic presentatons between September and June. Some of the smaller sectons will be asked to produce 3. Of course, additonal meetngs can be added with coordinaton with the branch office.
  8. Sectons are encouraged to consider one (1) networking event each year. This can be breakfast, lunch or a late day recepton. This will be organized by the branch and the focus is networking. (There will need to be some cost recovery for food and drink within the registraton).
  9. CBA Saskatchewan will contnue to host a September Kick-Off Recepton in Regina and Saskatoon. The annual Mid-Winter meetng will also provide an opportunity for networking as will other PD events and the Annual Meetng. This will be in additon to any networking events organized by sectons.


The branch will provide support and guidance on this implementaton and will oversee any electons for Chair as necessary. The branch will review the terms of office and contact Secton Chairs to discuss a succession plan which will be due in June 2023.

Secton Chairs and/or Vice-Chairs of all sectons have been invited to atend one of two meetngs to discuss the changes. A secton may also provide a writen submission by May 15, 2023.

We also want to acknowledge that we appreciate all the volunteer work that goes into providing the best informaton to members in the most accessible manner while recognizing that networking with colleagues is important.

If you are a secton member with comments, please contact the appropriate secton chair as submissions are made on behalf of the secton not individual members. Current sectons and contacts are provided below.

Section Chair Email
Aboriginal Law North Kellie Wuttunee
Aboriginal Law South Michael Marschal
Administrative & Labour Law North Michael Macdonald
Administrative & Labour Law South Ashton Butler
Alternative Dispute Resolution North Darlene Wingerak
Articling Student South Allison Graham
Articling Student North Robert Emes
Business Law North Michael Stevens
Business Law South Cary Wessel
Canadian Corporate Council North Kezia Sonntag
Canadian Corporate Council South Charlene Greve
Criminal Justice Thomas Hynes homas@pfefferlelaw.comt
Civil Litigation North Spencer Edwards
Civil Litigation South Jenna Sambrook sambrook@mcdougallgauley.comj
Construction Bennet Misskey
Environmental & Resources Law North Carolyn Wilson
Environmental & Resources Law South Angela Stolz
Family Law North Ashala Naidu
Family Law South Kendra Jacobs
Immigration Chris Veeman
Insolvency North Craig Frith
Privacy & Access Law North David Krebs
Privacy & Access Law South Matthew Barnes
Public Sector & Municipal Law South Jayne Krueger KRUEGER@regina.caJ
Real Property North* Taylor Wilcox
Real Property & Wills South* Kaylea Lax
SOGIC Barton Soroka
Taxation Law Jon Ponath
Wills Estate & Elder Law North* Courtney Fisher
Women Lawyers North Bonnie Cherewyk
Women Lawyers South Andrea Johnson
Young Lawyers North Monique Bews
Young Lawyers South Jared Duchin

*Will be merged into Real Property and Wills Estate & Elder Law